candy cap

mushroom dinner was last night. i used candy cap mushrooms for the dessert. not so much because of the name but the fragrance is reminiscent of maple syrup. made an ice cream steeped with dried candy caps, a little maple syrup (substituted for glucose), and some banana puree to add sweetness and richness. the crepes were filled with a dice of bartlett pears and buddha fruit. pears were tossed with sugar and pectin then cooked sous vide. crepes were glazed with maple syrup (using the fluid gel technique), garnished with diced buddha fruit and fresh herbs. mint, chervil, and micro basil. a candy cap croquant then finished the dish to give some crunch. i wanted to give the impression of the forest floor with the dirt and greens on a log of sorts. all in all it was nice and people seemed to enjoy it. mignardise consisted of dried matsutake madeleines. they gave off a very orange scent.


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