cinnamon roll=respect

this is a photo of the cinnamon rolls i made for staff meal today. they are praline filled with a grapefruit icing. my wife says "don't mess with perfection" but i need to try to get as much flavor out of a product as i can, even if it is a cinnamon roll. buttery brioche, praline cream, zesty grapefruit icing....sometimes i want to work in a pastry shop and not a restaurant.
why did i try to make a great tasting treat just for the staff? because if i can't make something nice for the people that work for me than how can i make something nice for the people that pay me. respect for the people you work with translates to respect for the people who come in and pay to eat my food. respecting those nearest you radiates outward to those you may not see but that you can surely touch. my biggest problem now is that staff meal will be difficult to top come tomorrow.


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