so this is the first post....

i guess you have to start somewhere, sometime. my purpose for starting this blog is to record what i do in the culinary world. i have been cooking for almost 10 years now. 8 of them strictly in pastry. there is so much that happens from day to day, year to year that you seem to forget more than you will ever know. i will try to capture a minimum of those things that i go through
(recipes, photos, ingredients, influences, travels...).
i am off today, tomorrow i go to work. and as they say "everyday is a new day" let's see what happens.


pixiescure said...

Awesome start Ron. Can't wait to see this grow.

v said...

I just went through your pictures and blog - everything looks amazing! Your quenelles are perfect. I think you should have a post with advice and tips for making such a perfect one. Is there a certain spoon you use? A preferred consistency of the ice cream/sorbet?

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