i haven't been cooking too long yet, not compared to many, but i think that anyone now can see how fast the culinary world is expanding. with the Internet as worldwide tool (greater than any cookbook ever written) information is accessed and spreads rapidly. so what may be new now is commonplace tomorrow. as there are a great many pioneers in this industry there is so much more now to work with. alex stupak is one of those pioneers within the pastry world. he seems to continually create new techniques. does taking those techniques and adapting them become a form of plagiarism or are those techniques just the new "creme anglaise" or "tart tatin". are we steeling from the Tatin sisters or did they merely make a new technique for the rest of the world. here is a pliable milk chocolate ganache. with caramel cream, compressed strawberries, various basil leaves, caramel shards, and popcorn ice cream. what i really like about the pliable ganache is that every time i plate it it looks different. two forms from tonight.


Barzelay said...

Hey, if you don't mind sharing, what hydrocolloids/ratios are you using? I once at soft chocolate at wd-50 ( and Tailor ( in one weekend, and spoke to Stupak and Sam Mason about it. At the time, Stupak said he was using pectin (though I think he used to use something different). Mason was using locust bean gum and kappa carrageenan. I ended up making it work with a mix of pectin and iota carrageenan, but it wasn't completely perfect. It broke a little too easily when you bent it too far. It needed to be more stretchy.

ron. said...

i used an adapted version of alex stupaks from the alinea book, though i have seen many others. see if i remember it by heart as my recipes are at work. 100g Manjari 300g Jivara (both Valrhona), 400g cream, 40g glucose, 50g water, 1.8g agar, 3 gelatin sheets, pinch of salt. This has a little bit of a chewy texture while being smooth in the mouth. The milk chocolate is good because I don't have to add other sugars to soften it. Let me know how yours turns out.

Jacquie said...

method please? :) with a cherry on top

ron. said...

add agar to water, rehydrate. add glucose to cream, along with salt, bring to boil, add water/agar, boil one minute. pour 1/2 cream over chocolate, begin to emulsify, add rehydrated gelatin sheets to remainder of cream, add to ganache, emulsify completely. pour onto tray lined with acetate. place the cherry on top and chill...haha

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