microwave cake

this image really struck me. when i first started cooking i never would have thought that my mise en place would consist of me standing in front of the microwave for about 5 minutes pumping out individual cakes in 30 second intervals. they are not the downfall of a traditional oven-made cake, but they do have a great soft spongy texture that fits well in certain contexts. because there is less starch than other cakes the flavor tends to come through a little stronger. how far can we take this technique?


Jacquie said...

care to share the recipe?? very curious to try this one out... ;)

ron. said...

i can't take credit for coming up with this recipe, it truly belongs to albert adria from his book Natura. i only suggest you try it and then make it your own.
300g egg whites, 6og, almond flour, 60g yogurt powder, 70g sugar, 20g flour. blend everything, strain, fill canister, add 2 cartridges, fill cups just under half, cook for 30-40 seconds depending on size of cup. enjoy

Hanna said...

I feel the same. I work in Finland as a chef de partie. My current mice en place time is included standing in front of the microwave for about 7 minutes each day, only by putting plastic cups in one at a time, one by one. But i love the texture though. Next thing i would like to try this technique to savory things.

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