i wish i could name this dish "untitled" on the menu. it consists of braised blueberries (water, sugar, pectin, vanilla bean, lemon peel), compressed pickled peaches, ginger cream, graham cracker "streusel" (ground graham cracker mixed with tapioca maltodextrin and oil, then sauteed to make sandy pebbles), cheesecake ice cream, celery leaves and nasturtium flowers. the flavors are great, there are various textures, warm berries and cold ice cream give temperature differences, yet....there really is nothing to this dish. simply several components assembled on a plate. no cake, no tart, not even considered a cobbler or crisp. i like the flavors, it does taste really wonderful, but i feel i am somehow cheating the diners into accepting a dish that will satisfy their palate but with no reference to anything in particular. there is no "star", no main component, no headliner...it is as simple as a bowl of berries with cream only a little more work on my part. why does everything have to have a label, have to be something. of course i am over-analyzing, but isn't that my job.


Jeffje said...

i think this may be the dessert equivalent of a mixed salad

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