slight departure

i did not make these tacos. they are from the kogi truck in los angeles. they may look like average tacos but the experience goes far beyond average....

after a 7 hour drive from my house and a slight departure from a previous appointment my wife and i found ourselves in downtown l.a. and very hungry. the sun was just beginning to set. i had known about the "kogi truck" for some time now but living several hundred miles from it gave me no hope to ever encounter it. the special aspect of the kogi truck is that they send updates of when and where they will be on twitter. jokingly i ask my wife to find the truck and sure enough we were two blocks away. magic, considering the vast expanse that is los angeles. about 30-40 people surrounded the truck with a constant rotation of diners throughout the evening. i had heard rumors of upwards to 200 people at a time following the truck. it is simple street food. tacos made with korean bbg and a special recipe kimchee stuffed in corn tortillas. $2 each. they also do burritos and sliders of the same ingredients. here is the link to kogi...

as we ate our amazing street food, the city lights illuminating, the warm night air surrounding us, i felt a great inner warmth and revelry at the power of food. not just average food, but food made with care, thought, and understanding of how simple ingredients and techniques can enlighten people's lives.

the other revelation is how modern technology (twitter, internet) have changed the industry. if you are not keeping up with this age than as a restauranter, chef, cook, anyone really, you are losing out on so much potential. i have not stopped thinking about this experience and how our world is changing so rapidly and yet getting so much smaller.

did anyone/everyone see how alinea broadcast videos of their service for one evening? brilliant.

how far can we take these opportunities?


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