i have been eating a lot of twix candy bars lately.  why? because they are good.  what i really like about them is how in one bite you get three contrasting textures:  creamy chocolate, gooey caramel, and crisp butter cookie.  as most desserts go, you can find some kind of similarity between that of a plated dessert and that of a candy bar.  those confectionary geniuses at the large candy manufacturing companies can sure teach us restaurant pastry kids a thing or two. 
adaptating those components is an easy tool in coming up with something familiar and unique at the same time.  i wanted to give the same sensation as eating my twix but with a new aesthetic. 

a rich buttery sable cookie, creamy 72% chocolate ganache, and inside is a runny passon fruit gel, not quite the thick caramel of the candy bar...something lighter on the palate and more acidic to cut through the richness. 

some dehydrated passion fruit curd chips, coconut cream, basil seeds (a slight mimic of passion fruit seeds), and cilantro to make it more confusing.  if i ran a candy Mars Co.  i would make candy bars like this...and eat all day.


Barzelay said...

Sounds awesome. Is the dehydrated curd just a normal curd or are you adding starch or hydrocolloids? I've never really thought about dehydrating a standard curd.

André Khor said...

I like how your ganache shine in the pic! Do you torch the surface briefly?

ron. said...

it is basically a standard curd with less sugar and less butter, i am still working on the correct amounts. too much sugar and it wont get crisp, too much butter and it stays greasy.

the ganache is set in ring molds so i do torch them to remove the ring. i try to torch any ganache like that or it looks dull, especially as it is coming from the fridge.

Anonymous said...

curious as to how you set the gel inside the ganache? I have used spherification with coulis' to fill mousse/creams for the same "fondant" effect in the past but the skin seemed to un-natural for some guest.

ron. said...

to answer anonymous...
i thought about using spherification but didn't want to go to too much work. it is so much more simple. just freeze the fluid gel into a smaller size ring, pour your ganache to fill halfway up tart ring, place frozen gel in, and cover with more ganache. the beauty is that because ganache is just fat and the gel is water they don't blend, the ganache sets around the frozen disk and as it thaws in the fridge the ganache sets up. completely encapsulated.
and it tastes good.

Mitchell said...

Ron this looks incredible. Would you be willing to give out the recipe for the tart component?

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