aerated ice cream

i am so excited...

after some helpful clues, a little research, and a few trips to Target (for purchases and returns), i figured out how to add a little air to my ice cream. yes the previous post was a picture of aerated cream cheese ice cream. i cannot say (like anything i do) that i invented it, but i am excited that i took the right steps to figure out how to do it, not just open a book...though there are clues out there.

alex stupak has his version at wd-50. i had some and knew i had to figure out how he achieved this feat. but that wasn't where it started. ideas in food had an aerated cheese, brie i believe, a while back, they made this with an isi siphon and canning jars. i initially wanted to make cheesecake like this, so my brain put one and one together and i made a frozen cream cheese that is aerated. that idea led me to carrot cake with a cream cheese frosting. all the other elements fell right into place. not the most original of flavor pairings, but sometimes you want to get the point across as plainly as possible.

torn carrot cake warmed a la minute, raisins with verjus, carrot puree, aerated cream cheese ice cream, walnut praline, carrot croquant, cinnamon fluid gel, and some herbs to take it back to the garden where the carrots came from.


Francisco Migoya said...

So, how did you do it?

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