the next step

i used to skateboard....a lot.  sponsors and contests and some travel.  what i really loved about skateboarding is the progression.  learn to push, learn to ollie, ollie up a curb, ollie over a bench, olliekickflip to olliekickflip over the bench and down 6 stairs to fakie and on and on...
tricks used to have names...ollie, kickflip, tailslide then they just became the addition of multiple tricks that represented several techniques in sequence

food has become the same and i can completely relate to it.  where once there was a millefuille, peach melba, creme brulee and so the techniques have completely eclipsed the "titles" and food is described by a sequence of technique and flavor.  once a new technique is learned the obvious next step is to see how far that technique can be instead of doing a kickflip-backside tailslide down a 10 step planter to fakie i am making an aerated milk chocolate mousse with meyer lemon peel puree and caramelized banana sorbet.

hey...the analogy makes sense to me.


Anonymous said...

r u using the cryovac for airation?
what temp is the mousse at before airation?

ron said...

sorry for the late response, i do use the cryovac machine to aerate. mousse is still fluid, aerated just after recipe is finished.

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