skate a bowl

during the "rad" days when i used to skate, i would mostly ride in the streets.  curbs, planter, handrails, schools, parks, whatever.  every once in a while i had the pleasure of skating a pool.  i wasn't very good with that format, actually kind of scared.  but it was thrilling.  the thing about a bowl is that you are contained. some would say trapped even.  all of your tricks are executed in a small space, your reflexes are put to the test, and your mind races ahead of your body to the next move in anticipation. yet there is an extreme sense of beauty and purity in that containment.
i feel the same about food in bowls. 
all the ingredients contained in a small space, but still trying to pull out some tricks.  it makes for very interesting eating.  the diner is almost forced to mix and eat everything together.  maybe there is also a certain sense of fear for the diner too.  all the ingredients are not displayed for them out on a plate.  surprises are found and hopefully enjoyed.  the difficult part is making it look nice.  
in the last Michel Bras book, with everthing so amazing to see, what really made want to eat the pages were the four or five pictures of soups.  so many textures, a minimum of flavors, beautiful simplicity within a contained environment.
warm bitter chocolate espuma, horchata sherbet, cara cara orange gelee, coffee meringues, some ground chocolate cookie crumbs, and candied peel.
simple techniques, easy to execute, harmonious flavors....just what i need on the menu before i skip town.


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