the name is a japanese term for "creamy texture".  it is a great technique/recipe taken from the Valrhona school.  basically a ganache made with milk, emulsified, gelatin added, and finished with cream.  a few hours to crystalize in the fridge and what you have is a wonderful creme au chocolat. 
i have been infusing mine with lime thyme and lime zest.  though it is made with white chocolate, all the extra dairy in it tames the sweetness, as opposed to a traditional white chocolate ganache. 
the namelaka can be scooped with a spoon (as in this photo) or piped as i do on the plated dish.
another great technique to help enhance a dish


Anonymous said...

recipe please :)

Jamie Dalton said...

I love your blog man! Awesome stuff, I'm a chef in Australia and have been following your tales for a year or so now, the other day I combined two of your posts, namelaka and caramelized white chocolate, it worked out really well and found itself amidst many other chocolate textures in a popular dessert special , cheers for the inspiration!

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