dirty dream number two

"seasonality, local, sustainable, market-driven"....key words that have become such a marketing language that to my ears sound as boring as Top 40 music.  shouldn't all musicians write their own songs? shouldn't all chefs create menus derived from what the farmers are growing?
what are the responsibilities for pastry chefs?  maybe a different story entirely, a craft based mostly on technique...but technique has no season.  you can't buy technique at the farmers market.
a dream would be to see a pastry shop based around those same restaruant ideals.
i'm talking about high end pastry/confections, not a "rustic" bakery.
i want to see all the chocolates infused with herbs and flowers, ganaches made with fresh fruit and vegetable juices. pumpkin eclairs in fall and boysenberry in the spring.  no berry tarts in winter and surely not chocolate covered strawberries for valentine's day...who thought of that?  who has good strawberries in february. 
seasonal tarts and cakes, seasonal croissants and danish.
my first collection would be a selection of macarons taken from the farmers produce and wild foragers.
above is a lemon basil macaron with basil seeds.  i bought it from a stall not knowing what to do with it, but later realized i needed a new macaron for mignardise. 
the rest of the collection may include strawberry and nasturtium, peach and lemon verbena, tomato and plum jam, an earthy porcini macaron with caramel,  peanut butter and celery leaf...
the rant is over for now


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