soft effects

there is so much produce to play with during the summer that the technical aspects of pastry seem to fall by the wayside.  this is a dish that i could have done six years ago, and probably did in some form. 
i have about an 8 minute drive to work (luckily very close) and along the way there are so many batches of wild nasturtium that i can't keep from using them in some way.  so i made an ice cream with the flowers.
peaches are cooked sous vide, pureed, and cooked again with gellan to set into a semi-firm gelee.  crepes are spread with pastry cream and rolled around a slice of peach gelee. these crepes are sauteed a la minute with clarified butter and finished with syrup to glaze.
ollaliberries are warmed to order in their own jus that is finished off with local olive oil.  
crushed black pepper croquant is sprinkled on top of the crepe to give crunch. 
compressed peaches and nectarines, fennel fronds, and nasturtium flowers garnish the rest. 


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