drool collection

i have always liked white chocolate-raspberry ice cream.  with little chunks of chocolate mixed in.
so here is my plated version.
raspberry sorbet, white chocolate parfait (aerated), ground white chocolate, rosewater gelee, chocolate mint (thanks brittany), those cool little Valrhona chocolate pearls, chocolate "twigs". 

the dish is finished with a loose raspberry fluid gel (the modern coulis). 

...this is the key to aeration.


Brian said...

What brand is the container/vacuum system you're using Ron? I've had a little look around here in NZ but haven't seen anything that I imagine would do the job.

christopher ford said...

ron...how exactly is aeration achieved?...do tell...

ron. said...

food saver. check out their website.

Anonymous said...

Yes, please let us know how it works.

ron. said...

i'll try to post something on aeration soon.

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