recipe for disaster

some people were asking for some recipes from the previous post.  so here they are. 

whipped milk chocolate ganache (aerated)
225g  milk
50g  glucose
300g  Valrhona Tanariva, semi melted
580g  cream
bring milk and glucose to a simmer, emulsify with chocolate
once fully emulsified, add cream, blend, and reserve cold overnight
whip to soft peaks, place in foodsaver container, aerate, freeze 4 hours
original recipe from l'ecole du grand chocolate Valrhona

tangerine sorbet
60g  sugar
4g  stabilizer
900g  water
300g  sugar
40g  glucose powder
40g  trimolene
40g  milk powder
1200g  tangerine juice
pinch of salt
make sorbet syrup with sugars, stabilizer, water, glucose powder, trimolene, and milk powder, reserve for a few hours
add tangerine juice to syrup, add pinch of salt, reserve overnight
process in ice cream machine...pacojet for me
i wanted to try a recipe from the amazing Michael Laiskonis and it worked well, forget what the original flavor was
when i first learned to make sorbets, i was taught to do it by taste just by using simple syrup and juice or puree, this way is a little more consistent

candy cap cream
500g  milk
40g  dried candy cap mushrooms
50g  sugar
6g  agar
10g  maple syrup
steep milk with candy cap mushrooms, strain
bring to boil milk, sugar, agar, and maple syrup, simmer one minute
pour into tray, cool until set, blend in a blender until smooth, strain
i make most purees this way, adjusting the amount of agar depending on how thick i want it

maple meringue
200g  maple syrup
200g  egg whites
4g  egg white powder
60g  sugar
blend together maple syrup, egg whites, and egg white powder
whip in mixer until thick, add sugar and whip until stiff peaks form
spread on acetate and dehydrate overnight, break into pieces and reserve in airtight container



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