turn into

components are gathered together to form a dish.  they play well together, they form relationships with each other, flavors meld, creating a singular vision...
then i go and muck it all up and move everything around.
i just can't leave things alone
it began with grapefruit curd, burnt meringue, gingerbread, clove sherbet, grapefruit sauce, fizzy white chocolate powder, milk meringue, mint

then turned into
 grapefruit bavarois (made from the curd), clove sherbet, grapefruit meringue, and pretty much all the rest of the previous dish.
i find it difficult to think that a dish is done.  there is always a different road to take.


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Sven said...

Keep in mind, you're not alone.
I feel the same... You always want to change to make it look nicer/better...
I think that's the best thing a good cook/chef/person can do, always aim for better...
It's hard to settle ;)

Anonymous said...

Nice presentations !
Is the milk meringue really as simple as whole milk and glucose whisked while at a simmer to create a foam, then dehrydrated ?
I would like to learn this method, but my foam seams to deflate. Perhaps I need to whisk it longer, any suggestions would be great.

Thanks and keep up the outstanding blog.

ron. said...

the milk meringue was created by paco torreblanca. it can be found in his second book. it is really just warm milk with glucose syrup. the syrup helps to stabilize it. blend it with an immersion blender, let it settle for a minute and scoop the foam off and place in a pan. put this pan in a dehydrator overnight. it is lighter than a meringue, much more delicate. wish i had a larger dehydrator actually.

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