back from an amazing trip to france.  the people at Valrhona did an awesome job in hosting us six american chefs.  we did some dining, some cooking, a lot of hanging out together. 
maybe that is the best part of the whole event...getting to meet and know people whom i may not have had the opportunity otherwise.  i think the competition was even and we all did a great job. 
sad to say i will not be going to the finals in madrid, but i am happy with the dish i submitted and how i executed it.  my downfall may have been the minimalist approach to a "chocolate" competition.
here is the submitted dish that i had to recreate in Versailles. 
coconut milk pudding, Manjari cremeux, clove ice cream, vanilla bean-clove gel, flourless chocolate cake, banana croquant, cocoa paper, chocolate streusel


Anonymous said...

hey, love your desserts and blog, keep up the good work..
but would you mind give the recipe for the cocoa paper?


Anonymous said...

Hello how do you do a clove gel?


Anonymous said...

how bout the coconut pudding

Anonymous said...

the heck, post the whole dessert :)

Anonymous said...

are you alex stupak?

ron. said...

ha, no. i thought the dish resembled something from curtis duffy at avenues actually...

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