still life

something for the summer...a little refreshing.
compressed melons, melon broth, olive oil, yogurt spheres, yogurt snow, herbs, tapioca pearls

i find that so many people love to eat melon, but given a choice between and chocolate dessert, a strawberry dessert, and melon...melon is the least favorite.
oh's a very clean finish to the meal


Anonymous said...

Hi chef, how do you make the yogurt snow? I have been trying with my paco lately with no luck. Any advice?

ron. said...

my technique is this...set paco for 1 portion, once the portion light lights up, count to 10 and push reset.
if the recipe is right, that should make a nice powder. if the recipe is wrong, you need either more water or fat..those two make powder, usually more water.

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