last night we had some people with dietery restrictions. no milk or cream, but they loved butter. makes it a little difficult for pastry. sometimes i think savory cooks have it easy. there are times i do love cooking with parameters. it forces you to be creative. passion fruit curd, pistachio cake, banana croquant, passion fruit coulis, chocolate sauce, chocolate crumbs.


Barzelay said...

I looked at that picture, then read the post as far as "but they loved butter." Then I glanced at the picture again, and thought, "holy shit, did he serve them a slab of butter?"

People like this do not deserve to be catered to. The economics of a restaurant (and the additional concerns of a restaurant at a hotel/spa) force you to deal with their bullshit, but come on. No milk or cream, but yes butter? What defensible diet, allergy, or ethical standard could possibly prohibit milk and cream but not butter? A water allergy?

Did anyone explain to them that butter is made from cream?

ron said...

not to belittle the people that pay my wages, but they were some interesing people. didn't want wines but we made several home-made sodas. there seems to be a lot of people out there. fortunately i am a cynical optimist so i take advantage of those opportunities. the "slab" is a passion fruit curd set with agar a al alex stupak. it is so creamy but able to cut. it also freezes well so you can get a nice cut.

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