more valentines day

two dishes for valentine's day. it gets difficult in pastry when you try to be seasonal and come up with a day like valentine's day. could there be more of a wasteland of fruits than in the middle of February. here we are ending apples and pears(not too romantic), citrus is thinning(blood oranges for lovers?), and I refuse to use strawberries and raspberries when it has been raining so much and they have no flavor. here we have a chocolate fondant cake with tonka bean ice cream(my substitute for truffles) and tangerine. also a rose parfait, pistachio cake, a streusel made with freeze dried berries, and lychee coulis. why can't valentine's day be in the summer with juicy peaches and tangy strawberries. i'm gonna talk to someone about that.


Craig said...

Hi, i really like your blog. The desserts are very nicely presented. I will let my pastry chef know about your site.
Its been a pleasure reading,

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