in with the new

don't know what happened with the time, but know i have new dishes. i was talking recently with someone about how the menu and its dishes change. we have a very small restaurant with a small staff (pastry being me and one other person who only works part time). my menu changes very organically. instead of coming out with completely new concepts the dishes seem to morph into other forms. whether it is a flavor combination, a technique, or just some small elements, there seems to be a link between the previous dish and the new one. most things change because of the markets and what produce i am getting. the chef has been bringing me some kiwis from the market. i was never a big fan, but the cool tartness and clear defining flavor have always intrigued me. here is a caramelized pineapple, kiwi sorbet, sponge cake compressed with brown sugar syrup, coconut pudding and white chocolate-coconut malto pepples, and a pineapple croquant....


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