tres leches

inspired by a slice of a friends birthday cake, i wanted to do my own version of tres leches. i tried to think of an easier, more efficient way to soak the cake than the traditional method. compressing it with the milks made for a more effective outcome. very little mess, no waste, in only a few minutes i had a sponge cake soaked with creamy goodness. the finished dish has strawberries, basil ice cream, basil seeds, pistachio croquant, strawberry gel, and of course some milk soaked cake. a nice way to start of spring-summer. i have been getting some great Chandler strawberries from the market.


Mr Lee said...

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ron. said...

thanks for visiting

Barzelay said...

Looks delicious! I love tres leches cake, and vacuum sealing definitely seems like a cleaner way to make it.

Are basil seeds an ingredient available to home cooks, or only through a distributor?

ron. said...

i get basil seeds from le sanctuaire. they are commonly used in middle eastern ice creams to give texture

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