egg white pow(d)er

i wish i had more time to play with powdered egg whites. they have the potential to be miracle workers. i have faith. i made bergamot meringues by rehydrating dry whites with the juice and zest. adding rehydrated whites to regular whites and whipping them with sugar gave me wonderful airy meringues. i can only imagine the possibilities using egg white powder: macarons, souffles, semifreddo/parfait. standard egg whites have no flavor. if they can be substituted with flavored whites how much more can you get out of a recipe. possibilities are infinite. that is the beauty of pastry. if only i had time to explore more. anybody have ideas?


Anonymous said...

i agree it is a technique that has so many possibilities, i made preserved lemon meringues (sweet) this way and they came out amazing.

seamus said...

in germany, they used egg white powder to make a variety of "foams" that were more for dramatic effect than flavor or texture...

sea foams, grass foam, etc.

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