improvements on the past

when i worked at the french laundry we did a dish where a chocolate genoise was soaked in a sweet red wine syrup and glazed with a thinned down raspberry jam. the flavors were great but i never quite liked the technique of soaking the cakes by dropping the cut pieces in the bowl of red wine. they never seemed to soak enough or they would just turn to mush from too much absorbtion. after making the "tres leches" cake i thought how much could i expand on the "drunken" cake technique. so here is a basic chocolate sponge cake soaked with a spiced red wine. red wine, sherry vinegar, sugar, cinnamon, clove, star anise, orange peel, vanilla. in the end it looks dry but when you bite into it there is an internal sauce that fills your palate. nice.


Y said...

A moisture-injected chocolate cake of sorts.. love this idea! :)

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