i heart new york

it was a fun time in New York. what an amazing city. after living the last 4 years in small towns (yountville to carmel) i do love a big city. and you can't get much bigger than NY. the pastryscoop event was awesome. everyone there at the FCI was super nice and welcoming. winners will be announced on their website on the 23rd of this month. anticipation kills. had two amazing meals: Corton and wd-50. highlights were Liebrandt's vegetable dish and Stupak's tasting menu. Amazed at the inflated ice cream.

Corton is like the dawning of a new restaurant era. 3 Michelin starred food in a comfortable and unpretentious setting. service was inviting, decor minimal yet elegant.

wd-50 is just paving the way for how food will be in the near future. creating new techniques that soon will become common and in everyone's repertoire. wylie has peanut butter fettucine that i would love to have used with a concord grape sorbet, toasted brioche crumbs, vanilla butter...

so now i am back to work. to prove insipiration not only comes from the food world, here is a picture of the Guggenheim that I have been longing to see. thanks Frank Lloyd Wright.


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