going to NY

on my way to New York for the http://www.pastryscoop.com/ Golden Scoop awards. i was nominated for most innovative dessert. need to do 9 portions for judging. very excited to be going. taking a few days off to enjoy the city. i have dinner reservations at Corton and am going to do the WD-50 dessert tasting menu. don't know where else to eat. there's too much for 3 days. we'll see.

went to the market here in Monterey. got some really nice chandler strawberries, raspberries, brooks and rainier cherries, mint, thai basil and some very fragrant lemon basil.

see you later.


André Khor said...

Good luck!

Burch & Purchese said...

Yeah Good Luck mate, let us know how you go!!

AlisonLovesToWatchCoryEat said...

You're gonna kill it, I'm sure. Can't wait to hear about it!

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