this is a dish that came from two very specific influences. in los angeles, chef alain giraud is well known for his strawberry vacherin. my wife (ironically) says it is one of the best desserts she ever had. his consists of strawberry ice cream, buttercream, lavender, meringue, and raspberry coulis. it is a simple flavor profile and one that works so well at the beginning of summer with the great strawberries i've been getting from the market. as i have been so keen on working with meringues i really wanted to make a vacherin of sorts. looking at other recipes and through books there are not really any specific details about a vacherin except that it includes meringue and ice cream or sorbet. the flavors were there but how to execute the dish was the challenge. part two: in ducasse's pastry book i came across a dish consisting of a sphere of chestnut ice cream coated in whipped cream and rolled in crushed meringue. a vacherin of sorts. great technique. now to make it mine. strawberry sorbet, lavender "crema montada", lavender meringue, strawberry gel, vanilla bean cake, compressed strawberries, various herbs. after all that the finished dish tastes like those strawberry shortcake ice cream bars. i used to love those.


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