my new favorite

burnt white chocolate. caramelized white chocolate. i like burnt. it is such a negative term...especially in pastry where your chances of burnings things are so much greater. well this one works to your advantage. i have been wanting to do this for a while now. put it in a pan, place in a low oven and forget about it. soon you will be reminded when you smell those butterscotch aromas coming from the oven. as you stir it a golden creaminess unfolds before your eyes.

the simplest preparation is ice cream, it carries that caramel-like (milk jam to me) flavor without hiding behind flours or extra eggs.

paired with a bitter chocolate terrine, compressed strawberries, marjoram, cocoa paper(more on that later), burnt chocolate streusel, and strawberry gel.

it's about the end of strawberry season here. my last hurrah.


André Khor said...

You tried smoked chocolate?

ron. said...

yeah, about 4 years ago i smoked white chocolate with hickory, made a warm foam and served it with shiso ice cream. i really like smoked chocolate. you can almost get the same effect using a lapsong souchong tea infusion. don't usually have a good smoker around though.

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