harvest festival

just finished up with a wonderful event. harvest farm to table festival. http://www.harvestcarmel.com/#/home. it was the first of hopefully many years. put on by the group who does the pebble beach food and wine. what i liked about this one is that it celebrates the farmers and produce and the chef's who work with the seasons. i have done many food events but i think this was the first one where there were as many farm booths as there were food and wine booths. that is awesome. i have to say that my personal highlight was meeting the wonderful owner of love apple farm. http://loveapplefarm.typepad.com/growbetterveggies/

she grows solely for Manresa restaurant and grows many interesting things. i had a great time talking with her. she even has a farm stagiere.

in honor of the farm to table theme i tried to recreate a plot of soil. i think i was the only one who actually thought about concept. (pork sliders don't represent farm to table too much).

nasturtium cream, compressed strawberry, chocolate "soil"-burnt white chocolate, chocolate cookie crumbs, Maldon salt, Valrhona pearls, cocoa paper, feuillatine; finish with nasturtium flowers and cilantro.


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