jamon and the basque dinner

on friday we had a wonderful event at the restaurant with the help of a couple of great chef's and a truly great purveyor. guest chefs Laurant Manrique and Gerald Hirigoyen from san francisco stopped by to celebrate the basque region(french side they will say) with a 5 course dinner. also along were the people from Fermin who brought several Jamon's including the amazing Iberico de Bellota. the black footed pig. earlier in the day they did a presentation on the various Iberico hams in the dining room. later in the evening we served dinner. being the pastry chef i didn't get to deal a whole lot with the jamon, though i had several ideas about how to make it into the dessert course. instead i opted for something a little simpler. what i find difficult about a dinner like this is that you have several courses from different chefs with different styles. it could get quite daunting for the diner i think. the menu tries flow well but doesn't always balance as well as with a single chef's menu. being at the end i try not to engage the guests too much. just let them enjoy the event.

i kept to a basic spanish combination of chocolate, bread, and olive oil


Anonymous said...

in what form/technique does the chocolate take?

ron. said...

it is a chocolate cremeux.
basically a thick chocolate panna cotta.
very creamy and luscious.

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