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went to the farmer's market today. have to say that it was very uninspiring. still some peaches, nectarines, berries...but none that were of excellent quality. lot's of apples, pears, some quince...but it just seems too early for that right now. is it time to start thinking about tropical fruit? the point is that i have tried to let locally grown products lead the way into the creative format. but when the local goods are no longer good...how far do you travel to come up with something worth putting on a plate?

i need some new dishes and i guess it's about time to look beyond the backyard. bananas, mango, litchi/lychee...?

here is a pic of the last of the figs. braised kadota figs, raspberries, raspberry sorbet, pistachio cake(microwave), warm yuzu foam, "streusel" of freeze-dried raspberries, pistachio, and dehydrated pistachio cake, with some torn mint thrown in there.

this dish to me is a modern take on something simple and rustic.

the yuzu foam acts as a lighter sabayon, barely sweet and extracted a la minute. the "streusel" reinstates the trio of flavors, adding crunch and color. underneath it all is a bowl of barely braised seasonal fruit. the pick up is easy. you get some creamy acidity with every bite...the fruits and flavors are so interchangeable that something like this could be on the menu forever. we'll see....


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