tartare for dessert?

there is something magical about the transformation of quince.  from the pale, raw, nearly unedible fruit we begin with to the sweet, red-caramelized fruit we end up with, i can't help but be amazed at nature and what it produces.  most commonly made into membrillo, quince has so much pectin and such a wonderful aroma i am still surprised that many guests are unfamilliar with it. 
tossing the fruit in sugar, a sprinkle of orange zest and a douse of orange juice, a low temperature roast in the oven gives me the final red jam-like fruit i desire.  in looking at the diced fruit i was reminded of tomatoes or even tuna...which led me to a "tartare" style plate.  on a thin buttery sable, warmed chopped quince drizzled with olive oil is spread out.  what i like about traditional tartares is how the garnishes are spread about the main component so with every bite you pick up different flavor profiles.
candied meyer lemon peel, pomegranite seeds, spherified creme fraiche (to mimic the quail egg effect), whipped apple juice with earl grey tea, green apple sorbet, and apple croquant.

the tastes are what i want, the components come together nice, the presentation could be a little more refined and i definately need a new camera


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