are there rules?

i guess because i didn't really have a formal pastry training i feel as if i don't work within the standard "pastry chef" formats.  i try as often as i can to tell myself (and anyone else) that "there are no rules...only ratios and formulas". 

in keeping with winter flavors of apple, nuts, cider, gingerbread...i wanted to deliver them in a "non" pastry way, also stealing from the savory side (once again, a personal quest to outdo the savory team in pasta making) i decided to make apple-gingerbread agnolotti.  taking a cue from mister thomas keller it is a simple and flawless technique.  apples cooked sous vide, blended with dry gingerbread to make a thick puree fill the pasta.  they are frozen and cooked a la minute and basted in an apple juice beurre monte.  pickled apples, dried amoretti cookie crumbs, marzipan ice cream, apple cider foam, and fennel fronds.

the flavors are dessert, but i hope the technique and presentation give the savory team a run for their money. or maybe sometimes i just want to cook on the "hot side".


André Khor said...

Nice pasta. Just a thought, wouldn't it be funky if you could impart some flavour into the dough? Cinnamon or something...

I have always wanted to make chocolate doughs for chocolate raviolis.

ron. said...

surely that could be done, i thought about it but wanted to go for a traditional dough, i have done chocolate dough with ganache, just add cocoa powder
be careful because because it could make the dough heavy, too much cinnamon and it could be's just trial and error
good luck

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