art imitates life imitates art...

i am a firm believer in art and its influences on life.  without getting into the argument of chef as artist or craftsman (i really don't care about that conversation), i do think without outside influences from other disciplines than your craft becomes very one dimensional.  how can you have any passion for your craft without a passion for music, or painting, or photography or any other form of self expression.  i have never been one for the clock in/clock out type of life...i always wanted life and work to be more.  coming from los angeles there was always a huge movement of creativity.  from skateboarding, to music, to film and photography, to architecture, and on into food.  i am moved as much by wes anderson as i am by sigur ros and as equally by seeing dishes from noma restaurant...
when this beignet came out from the fryer i was immediately sent into a tim burton movie.  the real question is how can i translate all these influences and passions onto a plate without gimmicks. 
by the way, tim burton is having an exhibit at moma in new york...i really need to find my there.


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