once more with feeling

finally got around to this aeration preperation.  it took four different places of influence for me to figure how i wanted to go about this.

in the wonderful chocolates & confections book there is an aerated dipped chocolate using a siphon, the fat duck
does aerated chocolate in a shell, in the new and fun coco book chef mads fefslund creates an airy pine needle chocolate, and finally from the tuxturas line they create a chocolate bar with white chocolate, freeze dried fruits, and yogurt powder
i was thinking of making some traditional mendiant but substituting freeze dried fruits for nuts.  with that spirit, i added freeze dried strawberry and mango, poprocks, yogurt powder, bergamot oil, and citric acid to white chocolate, put it in my little food saver canister and added air.  once set they were broken into nice little "rocks" and served as mignardise
sweet, tart, airy, with a finish of poprocks....awesome
chocolate and cherry is next


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