win some lose some

it starts off quite simply...

the flavors are what i wanted, a gelee of Pernod, some grapefruit segments

a tonka bean pudding hugging the thread of gelee

some thickened grapefruit juice

a black sesame sponge cake made in the microwave, a very soft and spongy element
with a deep toasted and smokey flavor

grapefruit meringue spread and dried on a tray and broken into shards to add crunch

the original starting point is the grapefruit parfait surrounded by grapefruit ice, frozen into a cylindar and cut

some micro cilantro to add freshness and a cleansing quality
probably should have stopped there

then i added a frozen white chocolate powder, why? because i wanted the white chocolate to bring together the grapefruit, sesame, and licorice

and finally finished with some pomello juice frothed up. 
all the flavors are what i wanted, there are various textures to keep the mouth interested
and the colors really stand out on the plate...but it just really feels like a trainwreck.
sometimes the idea really outweights the execution.  maybe tomorrow i will keep all the flavors and change all the techniques


Brian said...

I think the plate looks great before the pomello foam is added.

David Barzelay said...

The pommelo froth seems unnecessary, and the meringue shards look disproportionately huge. Otherwise it looks great. Oh, and the pernod gelee looks so cool against the other elements, but by the end you've covered it up.

The flavors sound wonderful together!

ron. said...

i agree with you both, i thought it was interesting because i wanted to just keep adding textures but knew i was destroying the simplicity of it all. thanks for the input.

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