my two biggest passions as an adult are cuisine and music.  through cuisine i am able to be generous (being a part of making memorable experiences for others) and creative (bringing together technique and raw ingredients to make something that i have some emotional stake in). 
i would be the first person to admit that outside influences play a major role in my creativity(i am a pastry staff of one, not much group brainstorming here) but i always try to make the finished product mine somehow. 

frank black (of Pixies fame) released an album titled "oddballs".  it was comprised of b-sides and covers.  on the sleeve after each song were his words....trying to be Dylan, trying to be the Stones, trying to be Bowie,...a few said trying to be me.
each song had influences, but he made them all his own.
maybe that is how dishes should be titled...trying to be Stupak, trying to be Kahn, trying to be Adria, trying to be Bras, trying to be Laiskonis, oh man that list would be long

trying to be me trying to make an ice cream pie using a liquid sable (Stupak?Kahn?) with sweet potato ice cream (Kahn?, though a simple google search will show plenty of old fashioned sweet potato ice cream recipes). 
 i do like the idea of punching out the bases and cutting strips of sable to form the sides and sticking them together to form a traditional tart shell.  the texture of ice cream and liquid sable work very well together.  ColdStone Creamery will be making these things in about 5 years, maybe they will have protestors too.
sorry if i've offended anyone with my lack of originality


ryan zimmer said...

with so many great pastry chefs these days putting out books, blogging or just getting great media coverage it is extremely difficult to be 100% original these days.
Regardless, your desserts are awesome and original in their own way!
Were the "originators" always 100% original to begin with?
Keep rockin those desserts!

Seamus Platt said...

Hey Ron!
your old chef Christophe just did a really cool dinner at Restaurant Crush in Seattle with a few other big boys. reminded me of you. they put pictures up http://cuisinierskitchen.blogspot.com/
hope you're well!

ron. said...

thanks seamus, looks like a great dinner.
how's everything going for you?
thanks for saying hello.

HanBaiHe said...

Hi Ron!
The singular thought in my head right now is: I need to get an ice cream maker.
Hope your Euro trip is going well.

seamus said...

everything is good, i'm trying to move to napa. $$$$$!!!! hopefully securing a job at ubuntu in the next couple days. you'll have to come by and say hi!

Anonymous said...

imagine how they feel like, they have the same pressure as you and on top of that everyone wants to be like them , not everything has been done, that is a lie , that is the difference between a copy cat and someone creative, not to like say you are not good or anything, i really love your blog but at the same time we can all be creative.

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