i obtained my copy of Pastry in europe 2010 just before leaving for France.  i hadn't really had a chance to look through it until just recently.  it is a great addition to many reference books i own.  there are the obvious spotlights on classic regional pastries throughout europe.  (something that would be difficult to mimic here in the states as we don't really have that rich history in pastry)
what i enjoy most about the book are the chapters on techniques.  picking specific techniques such as meringues or marshmallows and giving a number of examples and uses for them is a great idea. 
i am always looking to explore a technique and see how far i can take it, or abuse it as i sometimes do.
there are also chef spotlights within the book.  ironicaly in this edition there is a chapter on Maison Pic's pastry chef Philippe Rigollot.  we met him in Valence and had the pleasure of eating his food.  flawless technique.  so check the book out, many hidden treasures to be found.

getting back into the groove of things at work, working on some new dishes. we'll see how they come out.
be back soon


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