thanks Valrhona

returned from my whirlwind france trip.  had an amazing time, met some great people, learned a lot, and ate some awesome pastries.  the trip was essentially set-up by the great people at Valrhona chocolates.  i have pretty much used Valrhona exclusively for 9 years and i guess it finally paid off.  but honestly they are an amazing company and incredible hosts.  took a 3 day pastry class with Chef Phillippe and Chef Derek at the factory and school. 
 there were 11 chefs in total.  here is the final days' presentation.

it is great working with other people, sharing ideas and experiences, and learning some new techniques.
one of my favorite parts of the kitchen were these shelves

i think at one point when i used up a bag of chocolate, i stupidly asked.."do you have any more Caramelia?"
well maybe, we are only at the factory where all the chocolate they make for the world is produced.

do they ever really run out?


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