it's late, i've got a lot to do, but i just had to finish posting with the last two dishes on the current menu. 
milk chocolate pudding, peanut butter feuillatine crumbles, peanut butter powder, pomelo granite, and broken pomelo segments.  along side is served a few peanut butter tuiles.  the real reason for this dish is so i could practice using my iota carrageenan.  i think i reached a texture that is similar to pot de creme but much easier to make. 
though i am not much for serving items "on the side", the peanut butter tuiles are super tasty, i think i eat 3 a day.

an extension of the previous pineapple dish.
shaved compressed pineapple, pickled green papaya, vanilla bean cream, aloe vera granite, white chocolate-coconut powder, raspberries, and cilantro
this dish is so easy but it tastes very refreshing. 
what i like about it is that it really has nothing to do with "pastry".  there is not cake, no ice cream, no sauces even.  i wanted to make something in the spirit of carpaccio.  thin slices, with a few garnishes for flavor and texture. 

so i am off to paris and the Valrhona factory in tain l'hermitage tomorrow.  if i am enough of a wizard i will try to post on the road, but i don't know if i have the skills with my little HP. 
bon soir


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