earl grey tea macaron

switched over to the cooked syrup method for meringue in macarons.  need to get used to it, after 7 years of making a traditional meringue.  we'll see how we go from here


Jacquie said...

Is it just making an Italian meringue instead of a classic? Does this method deliver a better texture? I'm curious to why you would switch,

Jacquie said...

ps- they look DIVINE!! Been following your blog for 2 years now, thank you!!!

ron. said...

currently it is an italian meringue. i tried pierre herme's recipe a while ago but wasn't happy because it made the batter too stiff and when it baked the cookie seemed too dry. at Valrhona the chef cooked the sugar syrup to 110C which gave just enough structure but still left a moist interior with a crisp shell.
thanks for coming around, write in anytime

Zombianca said...

Can you mail me one of those kthx

ron. said...

i can make you tiramisu maca"ron"s

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