a means to an end

damn it took a while. 
i have changed the components of this dish for two weeks now.  now i am a little happy with it.  it started with the whipped milk chocolate ganache recipe i got from the Valrhona sessions. it has a great texture, close to a chocolate chantilly, but with a little more body.  i had to use it.  though i think the final result isn't quite what the people at Valrhona had in mind. 
whipped, spread between acetate, frozen, broken into shards, and then kept frozen.  on the pick-up they are arranged on the plate.  because they are thin, within about two minutes they are no longer frozen but creamy. 
to give it a fuller chocolate flavor, chocolate mint (thanks brittany) is blended with cocoa to make a fluid gel. raspberry meringue is dried and broken.  rooibos tea is set into a gelee.  fresh raspberries and chocolate mint, raspberry sorbet.


christopher ford said...

Looks really beautiful and delicious, love the presentation. frozen mousse ...very interesting!

ron. said...

thanks, similar in idea as alineas frozen sauces. by the time it gets to the table it is cold and creamy. ideally the diner just scoops through the whole plate to pick up different elements and textures

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