the sweets

i was craving something sweet and gooey.  the one thing that i think rises to the top of that definition is the english sticky toffee pudding.  a cake made with brown sugar, butter, dates, beer, and soaked in a brown sugar/butter toffee sauce.  could it get more gooey and sweet. 
at the market there is a lady who sells wonderfully plump dates.  next to her is another lady selling kumquats.  what luck, within four square feet are the makings of a dish.  dates with a bitter orange flavor lead me to pistachios which guide me to cardamom and the flavors are done.
the toffee pudding cake is warmed to order and soaked in the toffee sauce.  kumquats are blanched and candied with vanilla.  green pistachios are chopped.  some of the kumquats are pureed and to it passion fruit juice is added to balance out the flavor and give some acidity.  that is made into a sauce and a croquant.  an eggless cardamom ice cream adds a cool creamy texture.  finish with a chiffonade of shiso. 


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