like strawberries and cream its the only way to be

strawberries and cream, strawberry shortcake,...
when i was in culinary school, two books got me through those slow days.  Charlie Trotters' first book, and the French Laundry cookbook.  one dish in the FL book that really stood out was the strawberry shortcake dessert.  don't know if it was Chef Durfee or Chef Keller that came up with that ( i would like to think it was Thomas' idea with Durfee's execution).  it was simplicity, comforting, and elegent.  guess that sums up the food there. 
last week we got our first red currants at the market, we buy them all.  i instanly wanted to combine them with the strawberry tapioca i was making.  still thinking about strawberry shortcake and strawberries and cream, i combined them with a yogurt microwave cake, vanilla bean ice cream, shaved rhubarb, rhubard sauce, and strawberry croquant


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