(not so) strange request

tonight during service when the server was taking the dessert order for a table, a diner asked if i could do something without any fruit at all.  she said that fruit is for people who diet.  nothing wrong with a little gluttony.  the funny thing is that over the last 8 years, every dish i have done is based on fruit from the market or local purveyor.  it may not be the main component, but it is buried somewhere on the plate.  that's growing up in the california culinary world.
so i threw this together with mise en place from other dishes and some items i had on hand.
chocolate cremeux, peanut butter powder, chocolate sauce, vanilla bean ice cream, amaretto gelee, Valrhona pearls, popcorn croquant, chocolate tuiles, herbs..
i almost put apricot ice cream on the plate but realised what the task at hand was
i think it needs lemon....damn


Monica said...

Hey Ron! Lovely dessert. Just wondering what kind of tuile the chocolate ribbon is.

ron. said...

monica...it's just chocolate. pipe onto a flat, frozen tray, wait about 10 seconds for it to start to crystallize, then pick it up and shape it. chill to hold the shape. the chocolate should be at 35-40 celsius. hold in fridge.

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