purple rain

 blackberry with creme de cassis.  had some blackberry puree that i made sitting around.  so i made a ganache with white chocolate and creme de cassis.  the color is an incredible purple.
i forget sometimes how much blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries "stain" other foods and transfer their color.  need to remember that.


Cruz e. Caudillo said...

your macs always look perfect. is it a recipe and technique youve developed or is it something youve stumbled across in a book? mine turn out ok but they are sometimes lopsided and dont have enough of a foot.

ron. said...

i have problems every once in a while with the lopsidedness. i was taught that it is usually due to leaving them to dry too long so they stick to the parchment. most success comes from technique. my friend taught me, he sells them retail from here http://www.xtpatisserie.com/
if you ever stop by we'll make some

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