that's just peachy

finally got these peach chicharrones to work.  peach juice with tapioca starch, steamed, dried, fried.
tossed in powdered sugar and dried ground peach skins. 
gonna bag'em and sell'em.


christopher ford said...

what an amazing idea...i love it! im gonna fly out and taste them!

KNL said...

hi, i'm following your blog for about a year now, and i'm just amazed, i'm also full with passion with pasty, but i also have a question...
i'm trying to make a beetroot chicharrones (we call it 'kroepoek', in Belguim)
i allready tried to steam it but it doesn't get fully cooked (the tapioca starch)
so i made it in the 'thermomix' (sort of vitaprep but with cooking abilities)
then it was cooked, i dried it, but it didn't puff enough (and i have a feeling that i used too much tapica, in comparison with other recipies like our oyster variaton.)and a big loss of colour.
my question is:
do you have some handy tricks to get the job done?
greetings from Antwerp, Belguim, Europe

Kyle said...

OMG!! how did you do this!? i tried doing a pineapple version of this for my practical at school ( just like me to try and go above and beyond) but it was a complete fail!..

ron. said...

well i finally stumbled on a problem today with these "peach"arrones. they didn't come out quite as good. here is the process.
juice peaches. blend in robot coupe with tapioca starch until a "dough" is made. spread onto plastic wrap as thin as possible, i think this time they weren't thin enough. steam for 20 minutes until it feels like soft rubber, cut, dehydrate overnight. fry in 400F oil for about 1 minute.
this time they didn't puff up as much, a little more dense due to the thickness of the dough i think. we'll see about next time. still learning

Anonymous said...

If rolling them out thinner does not help. You might be dehydrating them too long. There still needs to be a small amount of moisture for them to puff.

Barzelay said...

It works best to dehydrate them completely, then to leave them out overnight. They will re-absorb some moisture from the air, and it tends to be the exact right amount.

Another reason you aren't getting great puffing is that sugar inhibits it. When frying, you want the thing to be rigid in order to trap the air bubbles as long as possible while building up pressure, then finally the air bubbles blow up and the thing puffs. But sugar turns fluid too quickly when heated, so it doesn't have a chance to build up enough pressure inside.

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