of all the books in french that i own, this is the one that i wish i understood more of.  i don't speak much french, but i could get through most cookbooks with enough understanding that there aren't too many recipes or instructions lost in my meager translation. 
Philippe Conticini Sensations  is a wonderful book with so many great recipes that i know i am only using this to about 15% of its true potential.  when i was in paris this past spring i stumbled upon his shop La Patisserie des Reves.  within the shop i found an amazing interpretation of a paris-brest.
going through the book i found his pate a choux recipe and thought how could i interpret the famed paris-brest.  the recipe works like a charm.

a beautiful profiterole with a crunchy exterior. 
now to turn it into a paris-brest for the spirit at least.


Anonymous said...

Use Google translate. It works wonders!

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