lines in the suit

piping out lines of sauce is a fun practice.  it gives a sense of fluidity to a plated dish.  some movement.
i started with a great base recipe from Valrhona for a praline cremeux.  this dish is pure chocolate and praline. chocolate ganache is poured over praline fuillatine and left to crystallize at room temp for a few hours.  the feuillatine is never refrigerated so it remains creamy and crunchy which melds with the ganache wonderfully.  almost like a fluid tart base.
milk sherbet, bitter cocoa pudding, Maldon salt, and stevia leaves. 
i have probably done this dish before, but just by piping out the praline cremeux makes it feel different and new to me.


Anonymous said...

Care to share the recipe for the praline cremeux? It is outstanding.

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